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About Us

Hammertime Cycling was founded in 2015 by a lifelong cycling enthusiast. The idea for Hammertime came about as our owner was keeping tabs on various bike parts and their prices and reviews across many different vendor websites and he got overly confused and frustrated by the overwhelming number of tabs open on his computer. He wanted to find a way to compile all this pricing and review information into a simple format that made the buying process much more efficient and a lot less time consuming. 

Hammertime is here to simplify the search and comparison process for you, leading you directly to the essential information. Our website scours the internet for hundreds of different cycling components and compiles them, their prices, and their reviews on simple and easy to read pages. Our team organizes and filters these products, writing personalized reviews based on information provided by the brand, as well as experiences of real people who have owned and used the products.

Our main purpose is to make the process of buying bike parts smoother and more informed. As a website, we do not actually sell any products, instead, we compile the most helpful product information so that you can make the right purchase based on your cycling style and level of experience. Our website acts as an  affiliate to other major cycling websites, and you can support our company by making purchases from the links listed on our product pages.

Hammertime Cycling is a website by cycling enthusiasts, for cycling enthusiasts, and we are hope that our services are an effective tool that help save you time and helps you find the best products for the best prices.

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