Affiliate Association - HammerTime

About Affiliates

As you might have figured out by now, Hammertime Cycling does not actually sell or ship any products. "Why do this," you ask, "how do you make any money? Do you just do all this work for fun?" Though we're sure our owner would love for us to rave about how much fun we have at work and how we would love to do this all day every day, we actually do make money through what's called an affiliates system.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual or company that helps connect a larger brand or business to more customers. We act as the affiliate to the vendors on our site by providing links to their websites on our site, so that you and other customers can view the products they have for sale. It's like an advertisement for their website and products, so that if you see a bargain price on a product that you want listed by their company, you can click the link and go to their website. 

How do affiliates make money?

Whenever you click on a link listed by our website that leads you to a vendor's website, that link will tell the vendor who led you to their site. If you decide to buy a product using this link, that vendor will see that we helped lead you to their products and website, and Hammertime Cycling will receive some percentage of the sale as a sort of "thank you," for assisting them in a transaction. Our unique links are identified by other websites, and those are what help us make money.

How you can help

By using Hammertime to compare prices and similar products sold by different companies or vendors, we hope that we can keep you informed on potential purchases. If you find that our reviews and price comparisons assisted you in the buying process, we would be very grateful if you used the links listed on our product pages to head on over to the vendor website and complete your purchase after following the link.  Our links to the vendor's website redirect through an third party that manages this process.  This should have minimal effect to you, but sometimes you can see this redirect in your browser.  If the redirect is ever cumbersome or problematic, please contact us so we can improve your experience.