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Our Story

At Hammertime Cycling, our cycling has been our passion for over 30 years. We grew up spending summers mountain biking in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.  We stopped playing traditional high school sports so we could spend more time on the bike.  We got our first jobs so we could buy new bikes.  We got our second jobs so we could buy new bikes.  Spring break in college was Moab, not Cancun.  First dates and honeymoons have centered around cycling. We continue using our free time doing century rides, races, and even cycling across Sicily. Currently, many of our rides are mixed terrain "adventure rides" similar to the Belgian Waffle Ride.

Over the years, cycling equipment has become very expensive.  We have been searching for deals and product reviews on the web since the first online stores started popping up.  We would look for items we knew our friends wanted and share deals we found via text like everyone else. The idea for Hammertime Cycling was born with our search for a great deal on an integrated handlebar/stem.  We didn't want to pay the over $600 MSRP, so we created a way to watch for the item to go on sale.  We ended up getting the handlebars we wanted for over half off.  Hammertime Cycling builds upon that method to incorporate prices and reviews for a whole catalog of cycling products. 

In the end, our goal is to share our work and research with other enthusiasts. Hammertime is a family owned, and we work together very closely to keep it as friendly and personable as possible. It's a rare moment when there isn't an awful dad joke, and we want our customers to feel like they are having a personable and enjoyable experience when using this website.