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Attack Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless thumb

Attack Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless


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The 2015 Attack Carbon Wheelset by Reynolds is ideal for the avid road cyclist who takes on difficult climbs and is looking for lightweight equipment. The carbon fiber rims help the set to come in at a lighter weight than previous models, and are wider for a more comfortable ride. Reynolds utilizes CTg (Cryogenic Glass Transition) for their brake track, a type of carbon fiber rim developed by the company to make the braking experience safer and more reliable. According to their website, CTg rims run 53% cooler than competitor rims, so that your brakes are less likely to overheat, and last longer on a long downhill. 

Please note that the Attack Carbon Wheelset comes with 2 rims that are 25mm in width and 29mm in depth, tubeless valves, a 10 speed spacer, and cryo-blue power pads. Before you purchase, please make sure that your bike would be compatible with these wheels and that your brakes are compatible with Reynolds' CTg design.

Reviews for this wheelset generally point to their reliability and their ease of use on the uphill. While we could not find any vendor reviews for the 2015 model of the Attack wheelset, user reviews praise these rims for a superior performance at almost half the price of their competitors. User reviews on the product page at Competitive Cyclist describe that the rims absorb most of the shock when they're ridden over unexpected bumps in the road, and that they make rides noticeably easier and more comfortable than other rims they have used in the past. One of the negative reviews of this set describes that in their experience, the CTg on both rims melted on a prolonged descent, however, the user mentioned that they had had the rims for over 2 years, so it is possible that those rims were from an earlier model than the 2015 ones sold here.

Overall, the Attack Carbon Wheelset comes highly rated, providing an easier uphill experience, a smoother and more comfortable ride, and all at a reasonable price. These lightweight rims paired with Reynolds' CTg technology makes for a reliable piece of equipment for the experienced cyclist.