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The Foray MIPS helmet is a stylish, well-vented helmet that is decently lightweight and comes in a variety of colors. This model is visually and structurally similar to the Giro Synthe, a top-of-the-line helmet that retails at about $200 MSRP, while this rings up at $89 or below through the vendors on our site. For such a low price point, the Foray does a great job on the road, providing reliable safety and plenty of venting to keep you cool.

The Foray Helmet is available for purchase in several different colors, so when purchasing, please make sure that you have clicked on the link for the correct color, because some vendors only have one color available per link. This helmet is just about the exact same as the Giro Foray, except that this one features MIPS technology. 

Giro utilizes their Roc Loc 5 system to make adjusting the width of the helmet easier, especially on the go. This is the same technology used in some of Giro's higher end helmets, so it's nice to see some trickle down of sophisticated tech into their cheaper items. Because this helmet has so many wide vents, it's not the most aerodynamic helmet out there, so it might be better suited for riding on a warm day. User experiences with the venting and padding differ, with some saying that the helmet kept the sweat out of their face, and others saying that the helmet's setup didn't do much to help them. Lex at All About the Ride describes that "whilst the ventilation system is impressive, unfortunately the foam padding at the front of the helmer is split into right and left sections and did little to prevent the swear from dripping out of the helmet and into my eyes. Tipping my head forward to look down just made this worse as the sweat seemed to run out of the front exhaust channel." He goes on to say that this does not happen on every ride, but there's no telling if or when this might happen to a rider using this helmet.

For a helmet that is markedly cheaper than many other options on the market, the Giro Foray does a decent job of keeping a rider cool, while offering comfort and MIPS protection. Though there are some potential drawbacks to this helmet, it seems that you get what you pay for, which is a pretty sturdy piece of equipment for casual riders.

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