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Designed for durability and reliability, the SRAM Force CX1 Crankset is part of a kit that makes riding on rough terrain a more smooth experience. This crankset's design is derived from SRAM's XX1 mountain bike kit, and was created specifically for cyclocross riders of all levels. When used with the rest of the kit, the Force CX1 Crankset's single ring setup makes it so riding through dirt, gravel, and alternative terrains puts less stress on your drivetrain and makes for a relatively low-maintenance piece of equipment.

Please note that this Crankset is only one piece of a multiple set kit which also includes a rear derailleur, a chain ring, and both brake levers, all of which must be purchased separately. This crankset eliminates the need for a front derailleur, which many users say makes it a bit easier when being used for cyclocross. It is not necessary to use the Force CX1 Crankset along with the rest of the kit, as it can be upgraded or swapped out to your liking, but we recommend doing some research as to whether the replacement you had in mind is compatible with the other components in the kit.

This individual item has received decent reviews which say that the item works and is reliable, however, it's also worth noting that it doesn't seem to always amaze its users either. A user review of the item on Competitive Cyclist describes how he used it to haul a bikeful of camping and hiking gear on a ride and that the crankset did its job, and was simple and easy to use. On the other hand, many say that while the entire kit is excellent, the crankset isn't anything special and it is mostly just purchased because customers know it will work with the entire kit. 

If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable crankset for your cyclocross needs, the SRAM Force CX1 Crankset will certainly get the job done. Its simple design and new modifications make cyclocross smoother and will help the crank last through many demanding rides.

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