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GX 2x11 Rear Derailleur


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Part of SRAM's GX 2x11 kit, this rear derailleur includes all-new features that protect the component from the elements, providing for a durable piece of equipment and a smooth shifting experience. An unavoidable part of mountain biking is all the dirt and mud that cakes you and your bike, so SRAM has modified this kit, especially the derailleurs, to have protective chassis to keep all that gunk out of your equipment. The Cage Lock system allows you to more easily remove your rear tire, and most importantly, this two-ring groupset features an impressively wide gear range that the derailleur handles effortlessly.

One thing to note when purchasing this derailleur is that it is only one piece of a SRAM kit including either trigger shifters or grip shifters, a front derailleur, cassette and cranks, all of which must be purchased separately. When adding this item to your cart on Bike24 the links lead to slightly varied types of this product, so please pay attention to the product description and make sure that you are selecting the correct color and length (either long or medium) that you want to purchase.

Overall, this rear derailleur comes highly rated and recommended. When tested with the rest of the kit, Pinkbike describes that, "each click of the shifter is met with a positive response from the rear derailleur, and it's easy to tell when the chain has moved to the next cog." User and vendor reviews far and wide say much the same thing, praising the smoothness and durability of this component even on the toughest and rockiest trails. 

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