GX Trigger Shifter - rear 10-speed thumb
GX Trigger Shifter - rear 10-speed thumb

GX Trigger Shifter - rear 10-speed


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Designed for precision and reliability on mountain bike trails, the GX 10-speed trigger shifter provides a comfortable shifting experience for the rider. With little pressure, you can click between gears with ease, all without having to adjust your grip on your handlebars. Unlike the Shimano models, with the SRAM trigger shifter, you can use just your thumb to comfortably shift up and down, eliminating the need to wrap your index finger all the way under the handlebar. 

This shifter comes with a cable to integrate it into the braking system on your bike, whether that's the SRAM GX Drivetrain or another compatible set. Before you purchase, please make sure that your drivetrain will be compatible with this shifter. 

Reviews of this product point to its adaptability and ease of use. The shifter can be mounted two ways so that the distance between the thumb and the lever is ideal for each individual rider. In addition, this shifter enables the rider to shift through multiple lower gears at once if they so choose, rather than one at a time. This feature does only apply for the lower gears, and you will need to shift one at a time for the higher gears.

Overall, the GX 10-speed trigger shifter seems to be a reliable piece of equipment that fits comfortably on the handlebars and makes for a pleasant shifting experience. For a decent price, you can purchase an accessory that you can manipulate according to your preferences, and that snaps through a wide range of gears in little time.