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This aerodynamic helmet was manufactured to provide a customizable venting experience, and has been used anywhere from in the Tour de France to cyclocross races. The most unique feature of the Kask Infinity Helmet is the sliding panel down the center that can be used to cover or reveal additional vents at the front of the helmet. This feature has made the Infinity perfect for riding in rainy or cold conditions, as it eliminates the issue of exposing the top of your head to the elements while also keeping you well ventilated from the sides.

The Infinity Helmet is available for purchase in several different colors, but if you're not terribly picky about your aesthetics, you can find it for a lot cheaper than the $370 MSRP. When purchasing, please make sure that you have clicked on the link for the correct color, because some vendors (like Bike24) only have one color available per link. Kask utilizes their Frame technology in this helmet to protect your head in case of an accident, a reliable Kevlar structure that holds up well.

The Infinity gets a lot of positive attention for the innovative middle panel, which can be adjusted mid-ride with ease. We have read reviews that claim that fiddling with the panel can sometimes shift the entire helmet around your head, which can be a nuisance, but it seems that this doesn't happen often and can be solved pretty easily by just quickly adjusting your helmet. Information on just how aerodynamic this helmet can be is varied, with some users claiming that it didn't seem to make many improvements, but with others (as well as tested data) claiming that it outperforms its competitors. This review by analyzes a test run by Velonews that claims that the Kask Infinity Helmet is more aerodynamic on the road than the Specialized Evade and the Giro Air Attack when its center panel is closed. Aerogeeks provides a graph and an analysis, while Velonews details the observations themselves.

As for comfort, vendors and users report that this helmet is comfortable from padding and the way it sits on your head to the feel of the eco-leather strap under your chin. It seems that the main limitation that keeps cyclists from purchasing this helmet is the price, but the prices that we have found online make the Kask Infinity Helmet comparable to, if not cheaper than, its competitors. Overall, this helmet appears to be a jack of all trades that can serve you on many different styles of rides, providing you with superior ventilation when the center panel is open, and increased aerodynamics that even the pros take advantage of. 

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