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Categories: Drivetrain

Made for the cyclist who likes to stop for their coffee or beer, these cleat covers by Look are meant to be popped on before walking around in your cleats. Others use them during the ride as well to increase power transfer between their foot and the pedal, making the ride easier on the ankles and knees.

These cleats come in 3 different float variants of 0-, 4.5-, and 9- degrees. Make sure when you are checking out that you are purchasing the version with the amount of float that you prefer.

User reviews surrounding this model differ vastly, as this item seems to be useful based more on personal preference. Many users claim that putting these on your cleats is just about the same as putting on ice skates, and that slipping while walking or pushing off to start is a major concern. Others say that the slip makes it easier to clip in and out of your pedals, and that these covers help provide extra float on the ride, protecting your joints and making longer rides more comfortable. 

If you're looking for a cleat cover that provides the same service but isn't as slippery, we would recommend checking out the Keo Cleats Grip Model. Users claim that the Grip is a lot better for those of us who want the covers for walking around, not necessarily for riding use.