Magneto 1 (M1-M) Sunglasses thumb
Magneto 1 (M1-M) Sunglasses thumb
Magneto 1 (M1-M) Sunglasses thumb
Magneto 1 (M1-M) Sunglasses thumb

Magneto 1 (M1-M) Sunglasses


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Designed by Lazer to combat the issue of glasses that fit uncomfortably with your helmet, the Magneto M1 sunglasses are a new innovation that provide the rider with a convenient and worry-free piece of equipment. The M1s come with removable arms (in case you decide to wear them without the helmet as well), and a set of magnets that you can clip to your helmet straps. When you remove the arms to reveal the magnets, the M1 glasses clip in easily to your helmet straps, eliminating the uncomfortable feeling of your helmet pushing down on your glasses stems. 

Please note that these glasses come in a few different colors, so please make sure you are clicking on the link of the color you would like to buy, as some vendors have separate links for different colors. In addition, we weren't able to find any information as to whether the M1s are compatible with non-Lazer helmets, so unless you're feel like taking a risk, please make sure you have or are planning on purchasing a Lazer helmet to go with these glasses.

The mono-lens design of the M1s make them comfortable and easy to ride with, with no wide frames obstructing your vision or knocking the top of your helmet. The rubberized nose bridge allows for increased grip, meaning that you have to fiddle with the glasses less (if at all) during your ride. In addition, you have the option of purchasing a photochromic lens for only $20 more. praises the photochromic lenses, describing that they are "very useful, changing colour based on the intensity of the light. When you're indoors they look like a regular set of plain glasses, but get outside and they change colour subtly over time." It seems this optional feature is a very nice complement to the glasses, but definitely not essential for them to work well.

This smart and unique innovation by Lazer ensures that a combination of their helmets and glasses is extremely compatible and comfortable, offering the rider the opportunity to slap on a pair of magnetic glasses and promptly forget about them once they realize that they don't have to adjust their glasses every five minutes. In addition, if you pack the removable arms away in your jersey on the ride, you can put them back on if you stop for a beer so that you can keep wearing your sweet new glasses. 

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