Record 11 Ergopower Shifters thumb
Record 11 Ergopower Shifters thumb

Record 11 Ergopower Shifters


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These mechanical brake levers are well suited for the road cycling enthusiast looking for comfortable grip and hand positioning throughout their ride. The ergonomics of these levers make for great handholds whether you are out of the saddle for a climb, or leaned over the handlebars for a break. The hoods are grippy, but not overly so, and provide the same comfort and functionality with or without gloves.

Please note that purchase of this item only comes with one set of levers, and does not include any other components in any of the Campagnolo brake sets. These levers are compatible with the 2015 Campagnolo Super Record kit, the 2015 Campagnolo Record kit, and the 2015 Campagnolo chorus kit. If you are trying to purchase these to go along with any other kits, please double and triple check the specs to make sure that the components are compatible.

 It is worth noting that these levers are pricier than their Shimano or SRAM counterparts for many of the same features. What distinguishes this item from those brands, according to user and vendor reviews, is the grip comfort and ability to shift multiple gears at once. Velonews compares the three brands in their review, saying, "unlike mechanical groups at Shimano or SRAM, Campagnolo shifters can shift multiple times in a single lever throw in either direction... whether you're shifting one gear or three, the shift action is firm and purposeful." Though these levers are comfortable and highly efficient, it is worth noting that the levers are not adjustable, meaning that if they don't easily suit your hands, you would not be able to change length and make them easier to use. Unless you are confident that this product will suit your needs, the high price point and inability to adjust the levers might have you looking to other brands before making a purchase.

Overall, these shifters are highly rated and recommended by those who were willing to cash out for a high end product. These levers are certainly very high quality, and many would claim that their money was well spent, but unless you have your heart set on this item, it might be worth your time to do some product comparison.