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The Red 22 Groupset brings disc brakes to the road biking world in a smooth and controlled manner. These brakes are designed to help cyclists react more quickly to events and changes on the road, with the ability to function at 100% in rain or shine. Complete with a front and rear derailleur, left and right levers, front and rear rim brakes, a crankset, cassette, and a chain, this set is easy to install and maintain, and is very reliable whether you are racing or riding for leisure.

Unfortunately for those of us not in the EU, SRAM has lowered prices for EU customers, hence the large jump in price on the list above. If you are shipping to the US or somewhere else outside of the EU, you will not be eligible to purchase this item for any of the $1,000 range items at this time. 

Out of the reviews we found for this item, the majority of them were very positive with a few valid complaints, but with no major deal breakers. Reviews of this set collectively praise the speed and effectiveness of braking, and that their reliability gives the rider more confidence at higher speeds. wrote, "with the lightest of touches, a single finger is more than enough to scrub masses of speed. As our confidence grew, we found ourselves leaving it later and later to slow out velocity on entry to a concern and make significant improvements in overall speed." This product seems ideal for someone more accustomed to a mountain biking experience. Most of the complaints seemed to come from people more used to road biking, as a lot of the comments were related to noises that the disc brakes were making throughout the ride. Because disc brakes can tend to squeal at times, this can be a nuisance to people who aren't used to it. 

The SRAM Red 22 Groupset gives the rider more control over their bike, and brings a mountain biking sensation to the road. If you're a true and tried road cyclist, this product may take getting used to, but overall, it is a durable, reliable, and highly rated set of brakes. 

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