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The Smith Route helmet is a stylish and comfortable road cycling helmet that comes in a variety of different colors. This model is a derivative of the earlier (and pricer) Smith models, but still contains the features that make this helmet top of the line. The size and number of the vents paired with the mesh material on the inside of the helmet make it more breathable than earlier models, but just as safe.

The Route Helmet is available for purchase in several different colors, so when purchasing, please make sure that you have clicked on the link for the correct color, because some vendors only have one color available per link. The Route helmet is just about the exact same as the Route MIPS helmet, with the exception that this one does not offer MIPS technology. 

To keep the rider safe in the event of a crash, the Route helmet features Koroyd technology to absorb impact and offer increased protection. One drawback to the use of Koroyd in the Route is that it also acts as an insulator, meaning that the ventilation isn't as comprehensive. Liam Cahill at describes that "[his] head did get quite hot when the conditions were a little warm. The Koroyd isn't brilliantly breathable and the added bulk seems to block a lot of the airflow." In addition, the Route doesn't lend itself to be a very aerodynamic helmet, but it doesn't claim to be one, so if you are looking for something a little more sleek we would recommend looking elsewhere. As for comfort, vendor and user reviews all seem to agree that the straps as well as the dial adjuster fit well, and that the helmet was very pleasant to wear on a ride. In addition, it seems that the helmet is set up in such a way that allows the rider to use a wide variety of glasses, small or large, and experience minimal if any helmet interference.

At $120 MSRP (and less through certain vendors on our site), the Route helmet does an excellent job of protecting the rider. Though its ventilation system can at times keep the rider's head a bit warm, this can be a highly valued piece of equipment for those that ride frequently in colder weather. 

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