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This uniquely designed helmet incorporates the use of newer materials and safety structures to protect you in case of a nasty fall. The use of Koroyd in this products absorbs more shock when the helmet is struck, and this new technology has proven to be very safe and reliable when its services are needed. The helmet also utilizes MIPS, an additional technology that utilizes layering in the helmet to prevent common causes of concussion and brain injury. In addition, it comes in a variety of many different colors, whether you want a bolder or more reserved aesthetic. 

The design of the Overtake helmet has a unique look to it with a different silhouette and ventilation setup. Many users and reviews describe this setup as being comfortable on the head, snug enough for it to rest comfortably on your head with virtually no wiggle room, but not too tight or with edges poking in the wrong places. Probably the only obvious downside to this helmet is that its ventilation system is not nearly as effective at lower speeds. Outdoor Gear Lab reports that the ventilation issues were the limiting factor in deciding whether this helmet was worthy of the Editor's Choice distinction or not. Some user reviews describe that if you angle your head down while riding, your head doesn't overheat too badly, but we imagine that this method isn't always feasible and that you probably shouldn't be riding with your head down all the time.

The safety, aesthetics, and comfort of the Overtake helmet make it a great choice for enthusiasts looking for something a little different, however, until the ventilation becomes more refined, we would recommend this product for riders who live in more temperate areas or know that they can handle a bit more heat than other helmets with better ventilation.

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