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Ultegra 6700 STI Levers


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These levers provide one of the smoothest and simplest shifting experiences that cycling has to offer. This model eliminates the need for many extra wires and cables, and gives your handlebars a more polished and less cluttered look. The ergonomic design fits your hands comfortably, and helps make for a pleasant and comfortable riding and shifting experience. These levers are capable of use on all terrain and in all weather, and are built to withstand the elements. 

One thing to note when purchasing these levers is that they only come with a connector to integrate the levers into the set, which contains the chainset, derailleurs, brake calipers, chain, and cassette, all of which must be purchased separately

Customer reviews of these levers are overwhelmingly positive, with the few negative comments being mainly related to the lack of knowledge that the rest of the Ultegra kit was required for use, and that these levers may be suited for those with a bit larger hands. The base and body of these levers appear to be a bit larger than previous models, which could make it a bit of a strain for those with smaller hands to get to the shifters. It seems that it's not a deal breaker if your hands are a bit small for the levers, but it may be a nuisance all the same. On the plus side, Cyclingnews.com calls these levers a "dead ringer for Dura-Ace," which is the model typically ranked above Ultegra, and that purchasing these levers is a massive bargain for virtually the same experience.

Overall, these levers are praised as comfortable and very easy to use, and are well suited for all levels of cyclists.

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