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Ultegra 6800 11 Speed Groupset


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This mechanical groupset is designed for the avid road cyclist looking for a kit modeled after the best of the best at a more reasonable price. This set combines the advanced aspects of the Dura-Ace components and compiles them into a less flashy set that gets the job done arguably just as well. The whole group works together to make for a smooth and precise ride, with a buttery shifting experience and highly responsive brakes. 

This groupset comes with a crankset, dual control STI shifters, a rear derailleur (either short or long cage), a front derailleur, a brake set, a cassette, and a chain. When purchasing this groupset, please double check all specs when adding the item to your cart. You must verify that you are purchasing the correct sizing of everything, and that those sizes will be compatible with your existing bike and wheels. 

Reviews of this groupset are overwhelmingly positive, praising each individual component as being a step above the previous model, and the ability of them all to come together to form an extremely high quality driving system. The crankset features a four arm design that reduces its weight and applies pressure in all the right places so that you can pedal more efficiently. The new shifters allow for up to 10mm of a lever adjustment, and has created a more compact hood. This may be a nuisance for those with larger hands, but it doesn't seem to be a deal breaker for these powerful and precise levers. The rear derailleur comes in two sizes so that you can purchase one specific to a cassette of your choice, or just stick to the one in the set. This new and refined derailleur offers a smoother shifting experience even while struggling up a climb. The front derailleur, much like the Dura-Ace model, makes front shifting lighter and easier in combination with the other components in the set. The brake set has noticeably increased power over the previous model, meaning that you need to exert less effort to slow your bike down, and that it is more capable of optimal performance in rainy weather. The chain is upgraded in this model with a Sil-Tec coating that lubricates the chain on its own and reduces friction from the get-go. 

The only drawback that could potentially come out of this groupset is the compatibility of the cassette. Road.cc reports that the cassette is a bit wider than most models, meaning that if you are trying to use it with older tires, you might experience some chain rub. It seems that you might have to be willing to make some adjustments on your end to make the cassette work, or just buy a new set of wheels altogether. Other than that, the cassette is reported to be very lightweight and work at a high quality level. 

The Ultegra 6800 groupset is a great choice for an avid road cyclist looking for top of the line equipment at a reasonable price. From all angles, this drivetrain appears to function at the level of the Dura-Ace sets and to be highly reliable for a long time and in a wider range of weather. 

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