XT M8000 XC Race Pedals thumb
XT M8000 XC Race Pedals thumb

XT M8000 XC Race Pedals


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These Shimano pedals are widely praised for their stability and durability on all types of rides. Primarily designed for mountain biking, these pedals have increased in size from the previous model by about 8%, meaning that there is just a bit more contact between the pedal and the foot. This size increase makes the clipless pedal a bit easier to use for those who prefer to feel a bit more anchored to their bike, while also providing just a bit more protection in the event that your foot hits a rock or branch during a ride. 

Many different cycling websites cite these pedals as one of their more preferred purchases in reference to the item's insane durability and ease of use, no matter how much dirt or mud cakes over the pedals. The only real complaint that we were able to find about this item was in reference to the size increase and how this also results in an increase in weight, but the size increase from the last model is minute, and considering a weight increase that point is a bit nit-picky.

All in all, this pedal has received rave reviews since its release, and has been consistently praised by many different bike outlets as well as users. If you're looking for a pedal that is extremely reliable over a long period of time and is comfortable and easy to use, look no further.

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