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The Z1 Helmet effortlessly combines safety and comfort into one piece of equipment that is light, aesthetically pleasing, and keeps your head cool. The Z1 Helmet is almost exactly the same as the Z1 MIPS, but this model features does not feature MIPS technology. The Z1 has improved upon Lazer's previous models to increase coverage on your noggin, and balance that out with wide vents that channel air onto your sweaty scalp to cool you off on the hottest days. 

The Z1 Helmet is available for purchase in several different colors, so when purchasing, please make sure that you have clicked on the link for the correct color, because some vendors (like ModernBike) only have one color available per link. Lazer utilizes their Rollsys system in this helmet to protect your head in case of an accident, a reliable integrated mechanism that offers top of the line protection.

Probably the main grievance that arises in relation to the Z1 is that is sits lower on the head, meaning that it could possibly interfere with your glasses depending on how large the frames are. The reviewer at Cyclinghacks.com mentions that his Oakley Jawbones aren't very compatible with the helmet, but those are pretty big glasses, so it seems that this should only be an issue if you've got glasses of a comparable size. Another thing that customers are concerned with is the fact that the vents in this helmet are pretty big, so this could be obnoxious on days with inclement weather, and that the vents don't help the helmet to be very aerodynamic. These issues can be remedied with Lazer's Aeroshell which retails at $20 MSRP, but we found it for a bit cheaper elsewhere. These shells can add a pop of color for aesthetics, while also protecting you from the elements and making your head more aerodynamic. In fact, you can purchase a ton of Z1 add-ons that can be used to customize your helmet, like the Z1 Lifebeam, the Cappuccino Helmet Lock, or the Magneto Sunglasses

As far as comfort goes, the Z1 fits great, and is easily adjustable both in width and height. There are five different height positions to choose from, and the Rollsys system expands or contracts width-wise with the turn of a dial. There is ample padding without the helmet being overly suffocating, and the chin strap has a Tri-Guide design that helps you adjust it more easily.

The Z1 Helmet is an excellent piece of equipment that is sure to keep your head safe in case of an accident, can be customized for both utility and aesthetics, and is extremely comfortable. If you are an enthusiast willing to shell out for a durable and long-lasting helmet, the Z1 will serve you well. 

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