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The Lifebeam Kit is an addition Lazer Z1 add-on that acts as a heart rate monitor stationed inside your helmet, rather than around your torso. While it is advertised as a product for the Z1, the Lifebeam can also be used on the Wasp Air, Magma, and Blade, meaning that you can swap it in between those helmets if you own multiple, or just use it for one that you have at home already. 

Installing the Lifebeam to your helmet is a cinch, and Bike Radar describes that it "takes less than five minutes, and is as simple as swapping the brow pad, running a wire through the helmet, and fitting the Lifebeam rear mud can and transmitter." Once installed, the Lifebeam pairs to a device of your choice to give you live updates on your heart rate throughout your ride. Despite being wrapped around your head, many users claim that this setup is more comfortable and convenient than traditional heart rate monitors that sit around your chest. In addition, you don't need to wait to get sweaty for the Lifebeam to work, and can read your heart rate instantly. Granted, it does leave some additional marking on your forehead, but this can be easily fixed with a cap or some time. 

This piece of equipment is rather pricey by itself, and if you are in the market for a new one, you can purchase a Lazer helmet that comes pre-equipped with the Lifebeam for not much more money than a normal helmet. We advise you to weigh your options before purchasing the DIY kit to avoid spending extra money for no reason.

Overall, the Lifebeam is a convenient and innovative new way to monitor your heart rate during your ride, and is another one of the cool customizations to the Lazer helmet line.